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Castello Svevo

Bari – Show on map (410 m from centre)

Roger the Norman originally built this castle, in the 12th century, over the ruins of a Byzantine structure. Later, Frederick II of Swabia built over the existing castle, incorporating it into his design and leaving…


Basilica di Santa Caterina d'Alessandria

Lecce – Show on map (10 km from centre)

Most people come to Galatina to see the incredible 14th-century Basilica di Santa Caterina d’Alessandria. Its interior is a kaleidoscope of frescoes and is absolutely beautiful, with a pure-white altarpiece set against the frenzy of frescoes.


Basilica di San Nicola

Bari – Show on map (1050 m from centre)

Bari's signature basilica was one of the first Norman churches to be built in southern Italy, and is a splendid (if square and solid) example of Pugliese-Romanesque architecture.


Grotte di Castellana

Bari – Show on map (40 km from centre)

These spectacular limestone caves, 40km southeast of Bari, are Italy's longest natural subterranean network. The interlinked galleries, first discovered in 1938, contain an incredible range of underground landscapes, with extraordinary stalactite and stalagmite formations – look out for the jellyfish, the bacon and the stocking.